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ESON’s Exclusive E-Liquid Production Flavors

Why make e liquid on your own when you can get an experienced e-juice manufacturer to do it? As a recognized e-liquid distributor with a network of e-liquid vendors worldwide, you can choose your flavors or make your own for a brand-exclusive product.

Tested in the ESON e-liquid production lab with state of the art testing equipment, our e-liquids set the industry standard for electronic cigarette e-liquids. Choose from our selection of tested and ready-to-ship flavors.

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Create Your Own E-Liquid Flavor & Become an E-Liquid Distributor

Ever taste something that you think would make a great e liquid flavor? ESON can make e juice of any kind from scratch. We routinely take some of the most distinct flavors in the world and make e liquid with perfect similarity. Ask us how we can work with you to help make that perfect e liquid formula so you can be a successful e-liquid distributor.

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About E-Liquid

What is E-Liquid?
The vapor produced in an electronic cigarette comes from a nicotine-based liquid called e-liquid or e-juice. This fluid is heated by an atomizer to deliver the appearance, taste, and sensation of cigarette smoke. You can’t have the best e-cigarette in the world without quality e-liquid. E-juice can vary in flavor, consistency, throat hit, and nicotine concentration between various e-liquid vendors.
What Gives E-Liquid its Flavor?
As industry-leading e-juice manufacturer, ESON uses only naturally-derived nicotine manufactured from organic plant sources to make e juice as it tastes better and is safer than synthetic nicotine. Then we add only natural flavorings from concentrates that are the same as those used in common food and beverages.
How do You Make E-Liquid and What Determines its Consistency?
E-liquid production is primarily done with pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade propylene glycol (PG) (as is the case with ESON), vegetable glycerin (VG), or a combination of both. The e-liquid base, flavoring, and a very small amount of distilled alcohol or water, all contribute to the flavor, consistency and throat hit of the e-liquid.
Throat Hit
Throat hit is the sensation felt in the back of the throat when e-cigarette vapor is inhaled. In the early days of vaping, people felt e-cigarette vapor was like inhaling air instead of smoke. Increased throat hit from the e-liquid base, nicotine concentration and e-cig voltage all affect throat hit and make e juice taste like an authentic smoking experience.
Nicotine Concentration
E-liquid nicotine is diluted to a safe concentration of 18 mg – 24 mg per mL of liquid. A typical full-flavored analog cigarette contains about 18 mg of nicotine. The nicotine concentration varies by user preference, but roughly 18 mg is the most popular. As the concentration of nicotine increases, the throat hit is substantially increased. 0 mg e-liquids usually feels like inhaling warm flavored air, whereas 24 mg e-liquids are more suitable for experienced or extreme e-cig users. Preferred nicotine concentration is unique for each person, but it is recommend to begin with 18 mg for a few weeks, then slowly decrease or increase the strength. We recommend nicotine concentration to be reduced by about 4 mg every three to four weeks, ultimately reaching 0 mg and eliminating nicotine dependence.
Is E-liquid Safe?
Most of the components used in typical e-liquid production are well known and used in many food products. E-Liquid contains nicotine and should only be used and handled by adults 18-21 or older, depending on local laws. Nicotine is a known poison and stimulant. E-liquid should never be handled by anyone underage, and should only be used by smokers, who have a tolerance for nicotine. In concentrations of 24 mg and below, e-liquid is safe to handle. If any comes into contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.