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One of the World’s Fastest E-Cigarette Suppliers

With over 80 years of combined executive experience with sourcing and manufacturing in China, ESON has established an unsurpassed network of e-cigarette suppliers worldwide. The efficiency of our industry-leading supply chain, put simply, means we can manufacturer and deliver your electronic cigarette products with quicker turnaround times and absolute pinpoint accuracy. This is a distinct advantage for your brand, since we can get your products distributed worldwide more quickly and accurately than other e-liquid and electronic cigarette suppliers.

The Electronic Cigarette Supplier with the Best Prices

ESON leverages the relationships it has established over the years with other top e-cig suppliers, our unsurpassed volume capacity and our outstanding team of hard-working executives to get preferential pricing, access to larger order volumes, and exclusive shipping routes that other e-cig suppliers or manufacturers cannot obtain. For you, this means you receive e-cigarette products of the highest health and safety standards for an affordable and fair price, enabling your brand to become more profitable, more quickly. From the raw materials, to the design and production, to logistics worldwide – ESON delivers.

Why is ESON a Superior E-Cig Supplier?

Aside from our quick, accurate and affordable logistics, we also ensure we work with the most reliable and safest shipping companies globally to ensure we are one of the most reliable e-cigarette suppliers. We can also work with customer-appointed agents where necessary to ensure delivery of complex orders. Since we are not a wholesaler and do not sell to consumers or retailers directly, we can focus strictly on making sure our distributors get their orders when and where they need them. Our turnaround time depends on the order size and location, so contact us today for more information on how ESON’s supply chain and logistics will work for your brand.

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